AKU Mini-lamp

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Rechargeable portable minilamp.

Light and robust rechargeable silicone minilamp.
Thanks to its functional and easy handling design can be easily attached to any back pack and can be also use as keyring. Another use is as bicycle lamp.
The USB connector is integrated on the lamp body.
The LED lamp reaches 10 lumens.

Its size is 117 x 20,5 x 30mm. and it weights 16,5 gr.
Color: blue

• 1 LED.
• Integrated hanger.
• Integrated rechargeable battery.
• Integrated USB connector.
• Full charging time: 2h.
• 2 year warranty

• Packaging dimensions: 17x7,5x2,5 cm.

• Max. Brightness: 10 lm.

• Weight: 16,5 gr.

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