Camping tents €100.00 and above, Camping, Over 6 persons

Tents – home of the nomad

Going back to nature, to the forest paths and to the mountains allows you to break away from the routine, the noise, and the stress of everyday life. This is when you can reconnect with yourself and enjoy the moment.
A tent is your shelter against the elements: rain, wind, sun, and cold. It is your portable home, essential for any adventure, where you can recharge your batteries and relax.
And, with constant innovations in materials and design, tents are becoming lighter, more waterproof and more stable, offering better resistance to the elements.
For those who travel light, our more technically advanced tents can be erected and dismantled quickly and stowed in the smallest of spaces, in a rucksack, or on a bicycle rack.
In this section, you will find all types of tents, from individual tents to 8-person family tents. We offer tents with various structures depending on your needs: tunnel tents, igloos, teepees, etc.
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