About Us

COLUMBUS OUTDOOR was inspired by our passion for nature and adventure, a brand that specialises in adventure sports and bikepacking products. Specialised products designed for all levels and ages at fair prices, tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our corporate objective is to become #1 in terms of market share for each of the product categories in which we compete. With humility, hard work, commitment, and a lot of passion.

Columbus is a brand for those who are ready to take a break and enjoy the silence, for those who get lost, in order to find themselves, for those who believe that what is most important is how you reach your destination.


Our values


We are committed to what we do because we are part of it. From the way we understand our business to the way we design products, everything at Columbus reflects our commitment. We are not a typical company, we are a cooperative where we all participate in the decision-making process, with a more equitable distribution of the results of our work. Making a contribution to improving our environment, redistributing wealth, and supporting social projects for the benefit of our society is part of our DNA.


We believe that everything can be improved, and this belief drives us to look for new ways of doing things, new solutions and new products. We believe in trial and error and we work with our customers, ambassadors and testers to design products that respond to the real needs of each activity, age, and requirement. A product designed and engineered to serve its purpose.


We share a common vision and we know that the way to bring it to fruition is to work as a team. Not just internally but also with all the stakeholders: Customers, suppliers, distributors, etc.

Honesty and transparency

Our internal and external relationships are based on transparency and honesty. We own up to our mistakes and do our best to fix them, working to avoid them on an ongoing basis. We are not driven by short-term results. In fact, quite the opposite, we are committed to long-term relationships that are based on trust and transparency.

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