Trekking hammock hamaca de trekking con tarp

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Lightweight complete hammock for camping,trekking or cycloturism with easy set up.

Lightweight hammock for 1 person, designed for campers, trekkers o cylcotourits interested in light, easy-to-set-up trekking gear.
It has a mosquito net to protect against the insects and a waterproof tarp to cover the hammock protecting it from the rain or the sun. 4 fixing points to allow to fix it in total security.
The tarp fabric has 2000 mm of water column.
To fix the hammock 2 aluminum alloy pegs + 2 side ropes + 2 D carabiners(200 kg max weight) +2 tree straps(2.8m with 10 loops) are provided. To set up the tarp there are 4 ropes(3mm*4m/pc)+ 2 pcs aluminum alloy pegs

Color of the hammock: Green and grey.
Color of the tarp: Camo.
The shelter dimensions are 290x290 cm. and its weight is 0,740 kg.Packed size is 25*20*9 cm. The weight of the pegs is 30 g.
The hammock dimensions are 290x140 cm. and its weight is 0,580 kg.the pegs weigh 30 g and the straps weigh 190 g.Packed size is 29*Ø7 cm.

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CAPACITY 1 and 2 persons
Activity Camping
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